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Complex Access or Significant Cognitive Disabilities: TX CAN

December 06, 2023

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Here at Region 2, we seek to support our LEA’s, educators, and families of students with complex access needs. We accomplish this using effective, evidence-based tools and strategies designed to support educators and families on their journey filled with increased connection, access, and opportunities.

Students with complex access needs or significant cognitive disabilities can be educationally successful when given appropriate instructional supports. Often, these students require intensive supports to access the curriculum through pre-requisite skills, regardless of disability.

Region 2 works collectively with the Texas Complex Access Network, (TX CAN), a statewide leadership project that focuses on building capacity within LEA’s, educators, and families. The TX CAN Network is dedicated to increasing and developing awareness of the limitless potential of students with cognitive disabilities. TX CAN focuses on presuming competence, finding appropriate supports to provide connection, access, and increased opportunities. It is TX CAN’s mission to put effective, evidence-based tools and strategies into the hands of educators, and parents, to better equip them and their student for success.

TX CAN provides specially designed, RESOURCES aimed at guiding educators and families in supporting students with complex access needs. ONLINE COURSES. EDUCATOR VIDEOS and PARENT VIDEOS (English, Spanish and Vietnamese), provide meaningful opportunities to learn, be encouraged, and hold high expectations..

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TX CAN Resources:

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TEA Resources:


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TX CAN February Monthly Instructional Guide:

Indulge yourself with resources and professional development that can improve your instructional practice.

TX CAN is dedicated to placing effective, evidence-based tools and strategies into the hands of teachers and families to help them on their journey.

If you haven’t explored the Monthly Instructional Guides before, February is a great month to fall in love with this resource. Each month the guides provide timely information to help you keep the tasks from piling up. This month’s guide provides tips on student progress, work skills and transition planning, data collection, and STAAR Alternate 2.

thumb_February 2023 Transitioning a Student from a Self-Contained to a General Education Classroom.jpeg  TX CAN Monthly Course Feature: Transitioning a Student from a Self-Contained to a General Education Classroom

Also consider taking the TX CAN course, Transitioning a Student from a Self-Contained to a General Education Classroom. Inclusive practices provide better student outcomes for all students. After taking this course, you’ll be inspired to take all six courses in the inclusion series. Be sure to check out other TX CAN online courses.

TX CAN Logo.png TX CAN always strives to deliver high-quality resources to support you! Visit TX CAN to stay on top of new research and best practices or reach out to your Region 2 TX CAN contact, for support!

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