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Special Education Liaison

December 06, 2023

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ESC 2 Special Education Liaisons

Hilda Elizondo, M.Ed.

(361) 561- 8569   

Molly Savant, M.S., LPC

(361) 561- 8522

As connectors of resources, Liaisons support local education agencies in all areas of special education to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

  • Support in developing multidisciplinary teams and stakeholder feedback to help ensure a broad representation reflective of the Local Education Agency (LEA) size and demographic.
  • Assist with annual completion of the self-assessment, including familiarizing LEA with the Texas Education Agency (TEA) rubric, drafting justification statements, and accessing the Ascend online platform.
  • Review data and aid with the development of Strategic Support Plan (SSP) and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) as part of the Texas commitment to continuous improvement that focuses on improving outcomes for students with disabilities.
  • Guide in preparations for Cyclical and Targeted Monitoring desk review and on-site visit and participate alongside the LEA in phone calls and LEA entry and exit meetings.
  • Provide LEAs with tools for an ongoing folder review process
  • Connect LEAs with regional and statewide resources and specialists to support ongoing continuous improvement.
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