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December 07, 2023


Transition Services are defined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) as a coordinated set of activities for a student, designed within a results-oriented process, that facilitate movement from school to post-school activities, including postsecondary education, vocational training, employment, services and supports, independent living, and community participation.

In Texas, a student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) must include transition planning by their 14th birthday (TEC §29.011).

We are here to help school districts and charter schools in region 2 meet the IDEA mandate: “the IEP must include—(1) Appropriate measurable post-secondary goals based upon age appropriate transition assessments related to training, education, employment, and, where appropriate, independent living skills” [CFR §300.320 (b) (1)]

The Education Service Center, Region 2 provides information, training, and technical assistance for secondary transition services and post-school results. 

Other resources include:

College contacts for college programs for students with disabilities - click on name to access

Parent Resources-

Student-Centered Transition Network

Pathways (The Texas Transition & Employment Guide to a Successful Life After High School for Students with Disabilities)

Need to get in touch?  Contact Kathleen Murch-Special Education Specialist Transition or call 361-561-8672


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