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December 07, 2023

Region 2 Special Education Directors by District

Please use the letters below to easily navigate to each district.
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Agua Dulce ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Alice ISD

Dr. Amanda Mendietta- Coordinator for Special Education

2 Coyote Trail, Alice, TX 78332

361-664-0981 Ext. 1044 


Aransas County ISD

Mandy Pruitt- Director of Special Education

PO Box 907, Rockport, TX 78381



Aransas Pass ISD

Chris Johnson- Director of Special Education

2300 McMullen Lane, Suite 600, Aransas Pass, TX 78336



Banquete ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Beeville ISD

Rosario Zambrano- Director of Special Education 

201 N. St. Mary's, Beeville, TX 78102



Benavides ISD

See Duval County Co-op


Ben Bolt-Palito Blanco ISD

Victoria Joslin

172 Badger Lane, Alice, TX 78342



Bishop CISD

Dr. Jennifer Trice- Director of Special Education

719 E. Sixth Street, Bishop, TX 78343

361-584-3591 x223

Additional Contact:  Jessica Gaona - Special Programs Coordinator
361-584-3591 x266

Brush Country Co-op  

(includes Agua Dulce, Banquete, George West, Orange Grove, Pawnee, Pettus, Skidmore-Tynan, & Three Rivers)

Dr. Molly Lubbock - Director of Special Education

106 Bulldog Lane, PO Box 534, Orange Grove, TX 78372

361-384-2129 or 210-843-1901


Calallen ISD

Sonya Durrwachter- Director of Special Education

4205 Wildcat Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78410



Coastal Horizons Academy - Erath Excels Academy

Mike Scott

1220 Gregory St., PO Box 68, Taft, TX 78390



Corpus Christi ISD

Dr. Melisa Guerra- Senior Director of Special Education

801 Leopard, Corpus Christi, TX 78401



Corpus Christi Montessori

Portia Adkins- Director of Special Education

822 Ayers, Corpus Christi, TX 78404



Driscoll ISD

Leticia Erebia- Director of Special Education

PO Box 238, Driscoll, TX 78351

361-387-7349 x8110 or 8401


Duval County Co-op

(includes Benavides, Ramirez, and San Diego)

JoAnn Valderas- Director of Special Education

609 Labbe Avenue, San Diego, TX 78384

361-279-3382 x 2803 


Flour Bluff ISD

Dr. Melonie Shandy- Director of Special Education

2505 Waldron Rd., Corpus Christi, TX 78418



Freer ISD

Elaina  Perez - Director of Special Education 

905 S. Norton Ave., Freer, TX 78357

361-394-6025 x 281 


Dr. M. L. Garza-Gonzalez Charter School

Goldie Wooten- Director of Special Education

4129 Greenwood, Corpus Christi, TX 78416



George West ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Gregory-Portland ISD

Amanda Sanchez-Munoz- Director of Special Education

608 College St., Portland, TX 78374

361-777-1091 x1005


Ingleside ISD

Camille Burger- Director of Special Education

PO Box 1320, Ingleside, TX 78362

361-776-7631 x251


Kenedy County Wide CSD

See Laguna Madre Co-op


Kingsville ISD

Laura Lea Burgess Zimmerman- Director of Special Education

PO Box 871, Kingsville, TX 78636


Amy Sandoval- Special Education Coordinator

 (361) 592-3387 x8193 


Laguna Madre Co-op

(includes Ricardo and Kenedy County Wide)

Grace Saenz- Director of Special Education and Programs

138 West CR 2160, Kingsville, TX 78363

361-592-6465 x908


La Gloria ISD

Ricardo Garcia- Director of Special Education

PO Box 589, Falfurrias, TX 78355



London ISD

Nicole Rodriguez- Director of Special Education

1306 FM 43, Corpus Christi, TX 78415

361-855-0092 x1302


Mathis ISD

Veronica Garza- Director of Special Education

410 E. San Patricio, Mathis, TX 78368

361-547-4123 x1010


McMullen County ISD

Joel Trudeau/Nacona David

901 River Street, Tilden, TX 78072

Joel:  361-274-2000

Nacona:  361-274-2000 x 2075


Odem-Edroy ISD

Jana Kieschnick- Director of Special Education and Programs

#1 Owl Square, Odem, TX 78370



Orange Grove ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Pawnee ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Pettus ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Port Aransas ISD

Jamie Preston- Coordinator of Special Education

100 Station Street, Port Aransas, TX 78373

361-749-1200 x232


Premont ISD

Ashley CantuDirector of Special Education

PO Box 530, Premont, TX 78375

361-348-3915 x2015


Ramirez CSD

See Duval County Co-op


Ricardo ISD

See Laguna Madre Co-op


Richard Milburn Academy- Corpus Christi

Katherine Alexander 

5333 Everhart, Building C, Corpus Christi, TX 78411



Riviera ISD

Elizabeth Kalinec- Coordinator of Special Education

203 Seahawk, Riviera, TX 78379



Robstown ISD

Sandra Blanton- Director of Special Education

1100 Picker Lane, Robstown, TX 78380

361-767-6600 x3445 


San Diego ISD

See Duval County Co-op


Santa Gertrudis ISD

Catherine Gonzalez- Director of Federal Programs and Compliance

PO Box 592 King Ranch, Kingsville, TX 78363

361-384-5087 x3004


School of Science & Technology

Justin Parker- Director of Special Education

6609 Evans Rd., Corpus Christi, TX 78413



Seashore Charter Schools

15801 S. Padre Island Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

 Nathan Wilkey- Director of Special Education



Sinton ISD

Michael Elbert- Director of Special Education

PO Box 1337, Sinton, TX 78387



St. Mary's Academy Charter School

Marissa Esquivel- Director of Special Education and Programs

507 N. Filmore, Beeville, TX 78102

361-358-5601 x 1510


Skidmore-Tynan ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Taft ISD

Lamar Galindo- Director of Special Education and Programs

400 College Street, Taft, TX 78390



Three Rivers ISD

See Brush Country Co-op


Tuloso-Midway ISD

Yolanda Alvaro- Director of Special Education

9760 La Branch, Corpus Christi, TX 78410



West Oso ISD

Dr. Roana Rivera- Director of Special Education

5050 Rockford Drive, Corpus Christi, TX 78416



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